What, Where, & How



Our products range from Espresso to our aFm Handbags. We offer a wide range of caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages, anywhere from our Cinnamon Dolce Cappuccino or our Funky Monkey smoothie. All of which pair seamlessly with our mouth watering Crepes, and vegetarian Paninis, and Soups.

It's so good, you'd think it was bad.


On the road or off, Authentique Cafe has a heart to make a positive impact on lives all across the globe. Currently we're working on a plan to take Authentique Cafe across the US. Starting in NC and ending in CA.

Our aim with this tour will be - to bring a wholesomely delicious experience to the food truck industry; all the while encouraging others to discover their true genuine unique version of Authenticity.

We will also be creating a youtube channel dedicated to the tour so people can follow  along with us and join the journey.


Maybe it’s not all about the Benjamins baby….

Truth be told, we pretty much picked one of the most expensive ways to create a cafe…

Obviously when words like ‘Organic, Fair-trade, Humane’ are used we think: $$PRICEY$$

And although is does currently cost a lot more to operate a business this way, the thing that keeps us going in this direction is our Values. What kind of ethics would it show if we provided things in our business that we wouldn’t even bring into our own homes. We also understand that the more people that get informed and start purchasing humane and better quality products, the less expensive and more readily available these products will become.

So realistically, we don’t look at it as expensive, we look at it as a worthwhile investment in our future.


We also understand how hard it can be to find employment especially for demographics such as: single mothers, homeless, elderly and those of us with disabilities; which is why we’ve created ‘Authentique Famille Merchandise’ (aFm). We just didn’t see the point in saving a few dollars by exporting jobs overseas, when we have plenty of people in our own community that needed work themselves. So we’ve decided to have all of our merchandise handmade by incredibly talented individuals who were interested in joining the team. Along with compensation for their help creating merchandise, we also provide them with resources for expanding their education, skill sets and overall life.

      Lastly, The ‘Authentique Amour Project’- I think we can all relate to how easily inspired we become to do great things while we’re surrounded by others who are inspired in the same way.

However we’re also aware that environments like that aren’t generally the ones we’re immersed in. So we’ve created a ‘community/online’ culture we call the Authentique Amour Project. It’s basically a place where people can join together with us on our journey towards making a positive impact, at a local - national - and global level.

We provide the info, and you provide the help. You can create teams, make new friends, encourage others, and even earn badges, rewards and Authentique Official swag. And to top it all off - You get the opportunity to play a huge role in making the world a better place.